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Karl Lagerfeld issue
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DECORR!: Jimmie Martin's decadent interior chic
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CITY SLEEKER: Audi's Urban Concept car
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POINT MAN: Daniel Libeskind makes his mark in Dresden
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THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING: Elizabeth Taylor's jewel mahal
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YES WE CANTAL: The world's oldest cheese
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ROAR: US$49 million reasons to buy on Fifth Avenue
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YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW: 100 Must-see Hong Kong films

Editor's choice

Haute Streak

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Designer Yiqing Yin
dresses the part in Paris

Spot On

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Bonton boss
Irène Cohen talks to ISBN

Ban Aid

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Shigeru Ban on
building shelter in the ruins

Art of Appreciation

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Astrid Macura recalls
André Bouhéret

Winter 2011/12

Table of Content


Stop Press
Hong Kong:
Goings on about town

Cultural points of interest out of town
Web Exclusive

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Damien Hirst

Business Intelligence
Slow Boat to China:
Petit Bateau CEO Patrick Pergament on expansion East

In Motion
City Sleeker:
A concept car that’s more than just road couture

Astrid Macura’s personal recollection of artist André Bouhéret

King, Queen, Knave
Haute Streak:
Designer Yiqing Yin talks exclusively to ISBN

ISBN Reportage
Daniel Libeskind, Shigeru Ban and Jurgen Mayer H.

The Fashion Shoot
Yiqing Yin

Allo, allo, ici…
Spot on:
Paris concept store Bonton

La Maison
London design firm Jimmie Martin & McCoy’s decadent interiors

Sweet Dreams:
A Russian architect designs sleep boxes for urban centres

N° 2051031

Kitchen Roll
Bulli to You:
Cook like Ferran Adrià for less than US$4 per meal

Yes We Cantal:
Contemporary reflections on the world’s oldest cheese

US$49 million reasons:
Stanford White’s inspired mansion for sale on Fifth Avenue

Les Boutiques
ISBN’s seductive accessory avenue

Powder Room
Classic Cosmetica

The Photomaton and split personality, by Ilsen About

Credits & Copyrights

City Sleeker: ©Audi Design Team, Architecture: ©Studio Daniel Libeskind, Elizabeth Taylor: ©Corbis, Tree Trunks - Artwork: Laure Mergault, Stanford White's Mansion: ©Christie's Images Ltd. 2011, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Hong Kong Film Archive, Leisure and Cultural Services Department.