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Buckingham Palace goes public
REGAL  TREAT  The  rare  chance  to  look  into  the  working  life   of  the British Royal Family starts on July 23 with Buckingham  Palace  Summer  Opening  2011  running  for  eight  weeks  with  two  major  highlights;  the  Duchess  of  Cambridge’s  wedding  dress,  designed  by Sarah Burton  for  Alexander  McQueen,  made  from   ivory  and  white  satin  gazar  (stiffened  organza)  will  be on display.  As  will  a  Royal  Fabergé  exhibition  which  explores  how  six  successive generations of  the British Royal Family,  from Queen Victoria to Her Majesty The Queen  and  His  Royal  Highness  The  Prince  of  Wales, have shaped the finest collection of Fabergé in the world - one that is unparalleled  in  size,  range  and  quality.  (
The Royal Collection © 2011, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II